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No Win, No Fee Arrangements

We appreciate the importance of our clients having a clear understanding of how much their claim will cost. 

free initial consultation is offered in all cases following which an assessment will be made on the merits of a claim.

 Depending on the outcome of an assessment we may offer one of the following funding options:


 “No Win, No Fee” (Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement)


This is the most common method of funding accident claims. 

With this type of agreement, there is no financial risk to you. 

If your case is unsuccessful then you do not have to pay our fees (save in exceptional circumstances which will be discussed with you). 

Any expenses incurred on your behalf (eg court fees and medical experts’ fees) remain payable but we will ensure that you have “After the Event” (ATE) insurance to cover these expenses.  The premium will be self-insured meaning that it will not be payable by you in the event of an unsuccessful claim.  

If you win your claim we will recover our basic legal fees and expenses from your opponent.  Our success fee is not recoverable from your opponent and will be payable by you as will the ATE insurance premium in the event of a successful claim. 

The success fee varies from case to case depending on the complexity and risk factors involved but will never exceed 25% of your compensation.  The ATE premium also varies from case to case depending on the type of claim and sum covered.We will advise you of the most appropriate insurance for your claim and the premium that will be payable. 

The success fee, including VAT (currently 20%), and ATE insurance premium, including insurance premium tax (currently 12%), will be deducted from your compensation so that there is no upfront payment required from you. 


Legal Expenses Insurance (Also known as “Before the Event” Insurance)


We will look into the possibility of funding your claim through any legal expenses insurance that you may already have with existing insurance policies or financial products (eg car or household insurance).

Sometimes such cover does not apply to personal injury or clinical negligence claims or the indemnity under the policy may not be sufficient for the needs of your case.

We would recommend that you contact us before you contact your insurance company as sometimes insurers will want you to instruct a solicitor of their choice, often based elsewhere in the country. You do not have to agree to use the lawyers suggested by your insurer.



If you want to pay for your claim privately we will let you have details of our terms and conditions of business including our hourly rate. 

We will let you know during the initial consultation process which types of funding are available to you. We will ensure you understand the position regarding funding your case and are happy with this before you instruct us to proceed and investigate your claim.